"When you realized, everything in the creation is beyond your understanding, you have no choice but to just "be" & sing the glory!

"When you realized, everything in the creation is beyond your understanding, you have no choice but to just "be" & sing the glory!


Devi grew up in Myanmar where she learned the traditional values of wellbeing in a meditative society with the profound cultures of east.  She has always been actively involved in fitness training, gymnastics, dance and several athletic sports.  She assisted her master teacher with aerobics and Tai Chi and she started teaching Yoga in 2009. Her studies carried over to India, where she acquired instruction under well-known gurus. She attained several disciplinary forms of meditation, classical yoga, and many divisions of health and fitness. 

Her passion continued to stretch further as she studies in the west, which includes personal training, kinesiology, exercise therapy and many different lineages of yoga. She is an experienced 500 RYT yoga, meditation teacher, certify Ayurveda Educator and currently the owner of Yoga Remedy’s Essential Wellness Center in Harbor City, California.  By understanding both eastern and western aspects of lifestyle, she embraces a compassionate approach to everyone’s needs.  Her personal training involves a very unique and effective approach towards working out and circuit training, emphasizing on the person’s mind/body principles.  She offers hands on stretching for the ultimate experience in achieving flexibility and rehabbing injuries, which diminishes the limitations and takes clients to the next level with divine conditioning specially designed for each and every individual. 

“Faith is realizing that you always get what you need.”…

“Faith is realizing that you always get what you need.”…

Dr. Prachee Sharma

Dr. Sharma’s attributes her interest in meditation to her parents. Specifically her mother was instrumental in her learning Sudarshan Kriya in 2004. Currently, Dr. Sharma is an active volunteer and Happiness program teacher with the Art of Living Foundation.

Prachee regularly contributes in organizing meditation seminars and Happiness programs. She has been organizing introductory meditation sessions and talks for several years in the South Bay as well as in Art of Living Center in Los Angeles. She is also affiliated with Yoga Remedy’s Essential Wellness yoga studio where she leads meditation sessions. Dr. Sharma is an accomplished researcher by profession. In her free time, Prachee loves to read and teach meditation. She is a mother of two and lives in Redondo Beach with her family. She is a certify Sri Sri Yoga Teacher. 

“Find your true nature in unconscious mind. Anything else is not so important.”

“Find your true nature in unconscious mind. Anything else is not so important.”

Kanna Kai Jones

Kanna Kai Jones danced professionally on stages in Japan. Currently, she practices Butoh, somatic movement and moving meditation. Her goal is to guide people to an experience of the mind-body connection through movement and stillness. She completed the teacher training of the dance class for Parkinson's disease. In recent years, she has been teaching dance for people who suffer from Alzheimer, Parkinson disease, and stroke.

Kanna is a certified RYT200, 85 Pre-natal and Art Flying Yoga instructor. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Yin and Restorative Yoga on a mat or in a hammock. She loves Flying Yoga because of the benefits for her arthritis. Flying yoga allows her to continue practicing yoga and gives her greater freedom of movement with no pressure on aching joints.

Kanna has been regularly facilitating Arigato Zen/Vocal Meditation created by Dr. Soho Machida. She has recently started to perform Butoh on stages in Japan. She is also a Reiki Master, and a Dog swimming trainer.

“Join us for joy, peace, health, beauty and fitness.”

“Join us for joy, peace, health, beauty and fitness.”

Ana Ba

Ana is a trained cosmetologist from Hong Kong’s prestigious Monita Beauty Academy. She also lived in Honduras for almost 20 years and made a name for herself with her own beauty and fitness center. Her aerobics classes were always full and with people who were motivated by her strength and positive energy. She also got the opportunity to have her own morning fitness program in Tegucigalpa’s television network.

Today, Ana is a California licensed aesthetician and electrolysis. In 2016, Ana became certified as an Art Flying Yoga Instructor. She enjoys learning this art form and sharing it with others.

Andrew Oliver

Andrew is a local from Redondo Beach. He found passion in surfing, sports and the arts. As he got older he stuck with music and woodworking. He picked up on Yoga around 2012 from his personal trainer at the time and became inspired by her to the point where in a few years they together opened their own center for wellbeing. He was more so on the business end but recently became certified as a 200 hr RYT yoga instructor and has been teaching since September of 2018. He has also completed 600 hours in first level Ayurveda as certified educator in Ayurved(eastern medicine).
His big endeavors are to travel to countries and regions deprived of access to knowledge of health, well-being, Ayurvedic healing, eco-farming, eco-construction, and so much more to help assist in educating and building schools, clinics, universities etc.
“For the sake of humankind and the world itself, everyone in this world needs to snap out of the trance and LACE UP: Listen, Absorb, Comprehend, Embrace, Utilize and Perpetuate. Take all the tools that are easily and readily accessible for well-being and assist in progressively enhancing the growth of peace, love, health, harmony, knowledge and wisdom.” He says with great conviction, “But remember it has to start from within and in Yog(union) we together can make the world a perfect natural place as it was intended be. Make the single decision of changing ones perspective to being accepting and positive without expectation in results. One will live life armed without weapons and unharmed with many wounds! Fighting the internal battle and becoming wiser with every attack.”

To walk the light is to be it.

To walk the light is to be it.


Yoga found Jeremy several years ago and became an important part of his life after moving to Korea. The stress of learning the language and the fast-paced lifestyle there led him to search for the inner peace that is Yoga. Upon leaving Korea, he and his wife moved to Bali where they did their Yoga teacher training together at Blooming Lotus Yoga. He finds great joy in helping others along the path that has taught him so much.

Jeremy is also an active language learner and teacher - teaching Korean and English - and currently studying Spanish and Sanskrit. Language learning has been a wonderful form of mind Yoga for him and he sees intriguing parallels between our brain's use of language and our body's use of movement. He sees learning a new language as a way of creating new perspectives through which to see the world in order to see the world as it is. 


Karla Orr

Karla finally found herself after 4 years of Yoga when she discovered the profound connection between the two. She was so inspired that she chose to deepen her practice and began to share it with others.  She expanded her passion for Yoga on the college campus, starting "The Yoga Wellness Club" where she shares Shiva Power Vinyasa , Meditation and Awareness on the Environment. Karla is currently studying environmental studies, striving to make sustainable changes in the world for the better. She loves spending time in nature and enjoys being in her garden.  Karla strongly encourages others to “Take risks and tolerate failure, as it only makes you stronger.”



Riki’s yoga journey began nine years ago when she realized the life changing benefits yoga could provide. The yogic practice of uniting the mind and body, observing our actions and living with intention has allowed for growth and peace in her life. Riki completed her 200 hour YTT in the mountains of Nepal in 2018. She would like to share a more traditional style of yoga that focuses on practices that can be implemented in class and in our daily lives.