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Belly Dance Fusion & Yoga


Let loose!!! Have fun!!! & Dance!!!

What you will learn:
-Basic core belly dance and movement variation techniques
-How to apply belly dance moves to a variety of music
-Move your hip to tone your core, define your waist, and increase mobility along your spine
-Chest isolation to build the muscles of your core and torso and help improve your posture
-Belly dance routines to show off to your family & friends :P

What you will experience:
-Moving your body in a free and joyful way while exploring the elements of hip-hop cardio & belly dance moves
-Feeling beautiful and energetic while strengthening your core and burning calories
-Fun repetition-inspired method that provides an easy-to-follow workout for all levels

-Follow by yoga stretching that will rejuvenate your body and recharge your energy.

No dance experience required

What to bring:
-Just bring your moves. Water bottle and towel could be useful. 

Fee: $25