"We all do different things in life but at some point we all end up at the same place with the same goal and so it is only then we realize that we are all one in the same." - ARO

Yoga Remedy's Essential Wellness was established from the grace of the masters (Gurus) to serve society by strengthening the individual with the true knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda to help attaining spiritual, mental and physical well-being. Its core value is to find peace within oneself and to unite people in our society_ of different cultures, traditions, religions, nationalities to create stress-free, violence free society.

To enrich their spirituality and to uplift human life, we provide the essential wellness tools such as yoga and meditation classes, fitness, rehabilitation, personal training, nutrition, yogic life style, wellness workshops, spiritual discourses which serve all towards the same aim: to raise every human being to the peak of their potential, be exuberant, all inclusive, in harmony within themselves and the world.

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Yoga Remedy's Family

Devi    Founder/Teacher, Andrew Oliver   Co-Founder/Teacher, Dr. Prachee Sharma  Teacher, Kanna Jones   Teacher,  Ana Ba   Teacher,  Jeremy Brinkerhoff   Teacher, Karla Orr Teacher, Riki Teacher, Crissy Luna Teacher

Devi, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I was born and raised in Myanmar and have always been a fitness enthusiast and actively involved in dance, aerobics and gymnastic.  I started teaching yoga in 2009 with my master teacher, Nan Mo, and assisted to establish a yoga studio in Yangon.  As well I ventured to India to further study yoga and meditation in 2011.  Finding many other incredible gurus throughout my journey, while pursuing a doctoral degree in Ayurveda, I decided to start my own........



"My goal is to let everyone have all the benefits of yoga, to let fitness industry know that yoga is the simplest form of all, and better yet, the link to mastering all.  I would like to let the yoga world, especially here in the west, know that there is so much that is missing, being left out, and even forgotten! Through yoga, we can come to the art of living, to inner engineering, to acquiring the science of life itself. Through aliveness, we can start answering the hunger of our heart. As mother Teresa said, ‘In this world, more people get in trouble not because of the hunger of the stomach but because of the hunger of their hearts.’ Therefore I think the answer is that an essential practice is needed for everyone. Then, we can be peaceful.  Only then, we can be blissful.  In order for it to happen that way, we have to start with a simple step, which is to take time and to inquire how our body & mind function. By practicing yoga or participating in any fitness program with awareness, there will be a transformation.  Since each and every one of us has a different structure and quality, it is important for me to know an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. That way, I can help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals safely, happily, mindfully and apply a new lifestyle.  I will be a lifetime student when it comes to my profession and share what I have experienced.  As much as I enjoy learning more and sharing it, I hope you will as well.  Let’s get healthy, explore our full potential and take this journey together”